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The Re-Organization of My Blogs Is Moving Along October 10, 2017

Posted by Richard E. Ward in Musings.
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I came to realize a few months ago that I was spending too much time managing a small network of blogs. With WordPress there is always something to do a few days every week to upgrade this or upgrade or update that even when using a service such as CMS Commander.

After looking at what I was doing I also came to realize that I really didn’t enjoy the direction that I was going with my life. So I decided to stop.

I closed down most of the blogs and the directories.

Then after my webserver got hacked I moved to an inexpensive webhost in Montreal; and moved my 2 remaining blogs to WordPress free hosting and created simple HTML SSI websites so that I could manage a few domains names.

The content, for the most part, of richardeward.com now has been moved to a blog at richardeward.wordpress.com.

The content of beyondmotivation.ca has been moved to a blog at byondmotivation.wordpress.com.

Now I don’t need to spend any time on blog maintenance. What a blessing.

I have some editing of broken links to repair that will consume a few days of my time, but I will do it when I feel like doing it. If broken links show up in search, well that is how it is, in the moment.

I will be spending time marketing Beyond Motivation and developing an online course to go with it.

More importantly I am returning my time and energy to the I Ching and related Taoist endeavours. And I will begin to write about where I am going with that beginning with Exploring Taoism.

Going back to where I was almost 50 years ago. Lots to reflect upon.


Reorganizing my blogs and websites April 2, 2017

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I made a decision – again – in early March to review my blogs and websites with the goal in mind of reorganizing and consolidating them.

I had originally made this decision more than a year ago. But things got pushed aside by a couple of projects that I got involved with in Toronto, in Chinatown, with my friend Amy. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as the timing was not right. And then I got quite ill. But now that I am on the mend it is time to dive in and get going.

I have been reorganizing things around richardeward.com – this blog, my personal blog – and tydbytes.com, my company blog.

As things progress I will make updates. For instance I have already implemented a few changes to how I am using social media such as Twitter and Google+. There has been quite a learning curve for me there it turned out.

Tydbyte Media Catalogue April 20, 2014

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The Tydbyte Media Catalogue includes the following:

Beyond Motivation

Chinatown Guides

The post Tydbyte Media Catalogue appeared first on Tydbyte Media.

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Tydbyte Media Catalogue

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