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Be Practical & Expect Miracles the project is in the works August 11, 2017

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Be Practical & Expect Miracles: If you just take the first step every day has emerged as a project that is going to be manifesting as a Kindle ebook, ePub, iBook, app, workbook, online shop and who knows what else that I am beginning to create.

The base ISBN is 978-1-894057-39-4 (Kindle) and a placeholder cover has been created by me. Be Practical & Expect Miracles by Richard E. Ward is being published by Tydbyte Media.

Be Practical & Expect Miracles by Richard E. Ward. Be practical and expect miracles if you juts take the first step every day.

The ideas for this, and a number of other projects have been spinning and bubbling around in the aether for some time now with me posting this a few weeks ago. But things really started heating up over the past few weeks as things began to erupt and burble. After a week or so of mental and emotional chaos my spiritual clans emerged into a gathering with some wondrous input from friends past (Jeannette), present (Mandaza) and others. Wow.

So a new adventure of creativity begins. WooHoo. hahaha.


Canadian Publishers Portal May 6, 2015

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The Canadian Publishers Portal is a Government of Canada gateway website to a wide array of key services and programmes available to the Canadian publishing community.

Canadian ISBN Agency

Tydbyte Media is a Canadian publishing company registered with the Canadian ISBN Agency of Library and Archives Canada that has been issued the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) prefix: 1-894057.

Tydbyte Media at Collections Canada

Tydbyte Media maybe be found Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) online directory found at Collections Canada.

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Canadian Publishers Portal

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