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I Updated My Story About Republishing Beyond Motivation October 19, 2017

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I just finished editing and updating the story about my journey to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay.

It was just about a year ago, November 2016, that I moved back to Montreal, Quebec (my hometown) after being away for more than 35 years; and thankfully my energy is returning after being in and out of hospitals in Toronto due to diverticulosis. But it has been a long haul in recovery.

So, now the adventure continues with BEYOND MOTIVATION as I learn more about promoting and marketing a book.

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay. Expanded Edition by Richard E. Ward

Available for download from:
Amazon Worldwide
Apple iTunes,
Barnes & Noble, Inktera,
Kobo Books, OverDrive, & Scribd


The Re-Organization of My Blogs Is Moving Along October 10, 2017

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I came to realize a few months ago that I was spending too much time managing a small network of blogs. With WordPress there is always something to do a few days every week to upgrade this or upgrade or update that even when using a service such as CMS Commander.

After looking at what I was doing I also came to realize that I really didn’t enjoy the direction that I was going with my life. So I decided to stop.

I closed down most of the blogs and the directories.

Then after my webserver got hacked I moved to an inexpensive webhost in Montreal; and moved my 2 remaining blogs to WordPress free hosting and created simple HTML SSI websites so that I could manage a few domains names.

The content, for the most part, of richardeward.com now has been moved to a blog at richardeward.wordpress.com.

The content of beyondmotivation.ca has been moved to a blog at byondmotivation.wordpress.com.

Now I don’t need to spend any time on blog maintenance. What a blessing.

I have some editing of broken links to repair that will consume a few days of my time, but I will do it when I feel like doing it. If broken links show up in search, well that is how it is, in the moment.

I will be spending time marketing Beyond Motivation and developing an online course to go with it.

More importantly I am returning my time and energy to the I Ching and related Taoist endeavours. And I will begin to write about where I am going with that beginning with Exploring Taoism.

Going back to where I was almost 50 years ago. Lots to reflect upon.

We are at the threshold of major jumps in human performance April 18, 2017

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“We are at the threshold of major jumps in human performance.”

James T. McCay - We are at the threshold of  major jumps in human performance

“These jumps will be achieved by individuals working together as responsible social and technological innovators.

They will be individuals who are Beyond Motivation.”

Beyond Motivation
James T. McCay

Tydbyte Media

Books by James T. McCay

Buy Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay

Learn about BEYOND MOTIVATION here.

I been asked to teach at SMU – St. Mary’s University – Management Science January 5, 2016

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I have been asked to teach a couple of workshops at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS in Management Science using BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay as a foundation.

BEYOND MOTIVATION continues the work that James T. McCay began in his timeless, classic of increased productivity The Management of Time. I co-authored the new Introduction and Appreciation to this book when it was republished by Prentice-Hall New Jersey.

The classes will be conducted using online technology in the program of Dr. Michael Zhang in the Sobey School of Business.

Buy Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay

Buy Beyond Motivation from amazon.com

BEYOND MOTIVATION delivers usable techniques for personal and group development that helps individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy.

These usable techniques provide leaders and managers with workable leadership and management tools to help them do more with less in the areas leadership and management.

I republished BEYOND MOTIVATION in a basic version and in an expanded version through Tydbyte Media. The expanded version features biographical info on the many fascinating people that McCay referenced as well as a brief synopsis of each book referenced.

Exciting times ahead in 2016 for Beyond Motivation.

Tydbyte Media Catalogue April 20, 2014

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The Tydbyte Media Catalogue includes the following:

Beyond Motivation

Chinatown Guides

The post Tydbyte Media Catalogue appeared first on Tydbyte Media.

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Tydbyte Media Catalogue

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